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    Private Tutor - Alan Hutchinson BEd (hons) ADG

    Alan Hutchinson BEd (HONS) and Associate member of the Dyslexic Guild


    I am a fully qualified and experienced primary school teacher, and I focus on tutoring in a specific area, meaning your child will always receive the most specialist & expert private 11+, KS2 tuition and GCSE and A Level support available. Having worked with adults at degree level with specific learning difficulties, I am also able to support students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and those on the autism Spectrum with study skills so that they can develop their learning to the best of their abilities. I make the learning fun and interactive, at the student’s own home where they can feel safe and secure.

    All resources and lessons fall in line with the National Curriculum to support the learning in schools, not replace it. There is not one ‘way to teach’, each individual is just that-an individual and should be supported as such.


    “If the child doesn’t learn the way you teach, teach him the way he learns.”


    Dr. Harry Chasty        Dyslexia Action