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  • Russian spy plane seen over Dartmouth

    August 02 2017

    David Bown was in his garden last week when a silver speck in the sky caught his eye. He said: “I took the picture on Wednesday, July 12th, in the early afternoon. I was using my camera, it was a lovely sunny day and I saw the light hit it. I took several photos; it was about 10,000ft, going slowly.
    “It’s a propeller aircraft. As soon as I saw it in the viewfinder, I knew it was a bit special. I used to be a bit of a plane spotter many years ago. I did some research online and it is an Antonov AN-30, they are phasing it out, a new jet will replace it soon.
    “I think it was flying under the Open Skies Treaty which came into force on January 1st, 2002 and has 34 states which are parties. It covers unarmed surveillance flights over the entire territory of its participants. Russia and the UK are signatories and the Treaty is designed to enhance mutual understanding regarding military forces etc.”