Gallery:Dartmouth Red Arrows 2009

These pictures were taken by photographer Tony Hansford. He writes:
I have always been interested in photography and since retiring have more time to devote to it. A couple of years ago at the Kingsbridge Camera Club I saw some pictures of the Red Arrows. They were taken at Dartmouth during the Regatta and I promised myself I would see if I too could get some action shots of them as Dartmouth is such a beautiful venue for the pilots to display their skills and for spectators to watch (and photograph) them. My opportunity came during the 2009 Regatta and these are some of the pictures I took. I used a Nikon 300 DSLR with a Nikon 70/300mm VR lens.

A4 copies may be purchased by contacting Tony at the following address:

Tony Hansford
Lower Barnfield
Plymouth Road

Tel: 01548 854237
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