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Dartmouth Pubs and Inns
Many of Dartmouth's welcoming, homely pubs and inns offer glorious views out across the winding River Dart. On warm days, these establishments are the perfect locations for visitors to quench their thirst and enjoy a bite to eat whilst soaking up the lively atmosphere at the heart of the town.
Elsewhere, in the more rural areas on the outskirts of Dartmouth, beloved and historic pubs - many family-owned - serve local ales and scrumptious roast dinners, ideal for family visits during colder seasons. The surrounding South Devon countryside offers patrons beautiful, picturesque views all the way out to the English Channel and the Celtic Sea.
Of course, the food menus of Dartmouth's numerous pubs and inns boast succulent platters of freshly caught fish, given the town's enviable coastal location. Add to the mix attentive service staff, who uphold the region's renown for friendliness and hospitality, and the drinking establishments of this scenic town provide visitors of all creeds with great places to unwind.

The Tower Inn, Slapton Village, South Devon.

The Tower Inn, Slapton Village, South Devon.

Tucked away in the heart of the beautiful Slapton village, South Devon. Situated in the shadow of the 14th century tower, all that remains of the..

Best Western The Dartmouth Hotel Bar and Bistro

Best Western The Dartmouth Hotel Golf & Spa

Whether you are a visitor to South Devon, or live here, we can ensure that you enjoy the very best of the region's products and hospitality. Best..

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