private Health

Although the National Health Service (NHS) provides an outstanding, quality level of medical care there are occasions when it is preferable not to have to wait for non-emergency treatment. Dartmouth and the surrounding areas provide excellent private health care facilities of various types.
For instance, private hospital treatment is available within reasonable travelling distance of Dartmouth. A private hospital provides all the up to date medical facilities of an NHS hospital such as experienced nurses, doctors and consultants and those little luxuries that make all the difference. For example, the patient would have their own room including an en-suite, a la carte meals and visitors are permitted at any time.
If someone has, for instance, slipped a disc in their back resulting in them being so debilitated that they are unable to get to work, seeing a Dartmouth physiotherapist as a private patient will enable the condition to be treated speedily enabling the patient to return to work as quickly as possible. It may even be possible for treatment to take place in the patient's own home.
Other private health services in Dartmouth include such things as private dentists and private care homes.
As can be seen, private health care facilities of varying types are available to the Dartmouth community.

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