Dartmouth Contemporary Arts

  • Contact: Mr R. Dawson
  • Address:
    106 Victoria Road
    Dartmouth, Devon TQ6 9EF
  • Telephone: 01803 833426
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    Dartmouth Contemporary Arts

    Dartmouth Contemporary Arts has been established for the past eleven years.

    The organisation was formed to help raise the profile of visual arts in Dartmouth and the surrounding area and to increase the participation of contemporary arts.

    Our targets have been to encourage the community to view, become involved with, and participate in contemporary art. To promote Dartmouth as a centre of excellence for art and to establish a high status permanent gallery to showcase work.

    Since September 2000 we have organised a number of art exhibitions locally, we have co-ordinated arts events for charity, and we have secured a prominent gallery space in Dartmouth to be used by local artists and the community.

    In 2011 we have established a relationship with Buckfast Abbey to exhibit art in their grounds and gallery space. Not only does the abbey offers a grand platform for artists to exhibit, we are interested in linking this with the art in our local community, as well as drawing artists from other regions of the country to exhibit.

    Our aims include providing the opportunity to view and experience some of the best contemporary art in the South West, giving the public to see high quality art for free as well as creating an increased diversity of subject matter at various cultural centres within the area.

    Dartmouth Contemporary Arts (D.C.A) is a non-profit Organisation.

    D.C.A has been set up to increase the awareness of art and artists living in Dartmouth and the surrounding area. Artists from the wider area are invited to be involved to help increase the cultural awareness in the region.

    Our committee is made up from individuals who are not only varied in their daily work yet also possess exceptional ability in a variety of the arts. We are a broadly talented group with first hand experience in Industry, Education and organisational skills.