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    Dartmouth History Research Group

    The Group also publishes information about topics that members have researched in the form of booklets, of which nearly 40 have been produced. The subject matter of these booklets is hugely diverse, with the histories of the Royal Castle Hotel and of the town’s ferries being just two examples. Full details of these publications are available on the Group website  www.dartmouth-history.org.uk  It is freely available to everyone.”

    Another outlet for the Group’s research findings is the Dartmouth Chronicle which from time to time will feature articles based on the work of Group members.


    Membership of the Group is free to anybody who has an interest in local history. Members meet monthly to discuss many different aspects of Dartmouth’s history and to review progress on any research projects which are currently under way, and everybody is welcome.


    Meetings take place on the first Monday of each month at the Baptist Church Hall, Carey Road, Townstall, and start at 10 am.


    The more information about the Group and its activities contact the Chairman:

      Gail Ham

    Email: enquiries@dartmouth-history.org.uk

    Tel: 01803 834135