Dartmouth Yacht Club Canoe Section

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    Dartmouth Yacht Club Canoe Section

    Dartmouth Yacht Club was founded in 1950 as the Dartmouth Sailing Club, meeting under its first Commodore Major G.R.Benson, on the first floor of the Dartmouth Arms Public House in Bayards Cove.

    It was not long before it was realised that larger premises would be needed.Our present building had been constructed at the turn of the century for the Channel Coaling Company, whose brass plaque is displayed over the bar.

    On their demise, through the generosity of the late Mr. P.Perring-Thoms, who acquired the property, it was leased to the Club and the new Clubhouse was formally opened in December 1954. In 1965 with the help of member's loans the freehold was purchased outright and in 1974 the Club changed its name to the Dartmouth Yacht Club.

    History seems to repeat itself, for, when the Channel Coaling Company moved into their new premises they let the upper floors to the Start Bay Yacht Club that folded with the onset of the First World War.

    Since the formation of the Royal Dart Yacht Club in 1866, gaining its Royal prefix in 1872, there were several other clubs formed, prior to the last war, through schism, special interest and, not least, the Royal Dart\

    's original requirement of the ownership of a vessel of "5 tons burthen". All succumbed to depression or war. Dartmouth Yacht Club, however, founded shortly after World War II, continues to prosper and thrive.