Inner Wheel Club of Dartmouth

  • Contact: Ginny Campbell
  • Address:
    Dartmouth, Devon
    United States
  • Telephone: 01803 832241
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    Inner Wheel Club of Dartmouth

    Starting July 1st 2012

    Active Membership may taken up by the following provided that they are over 18 years: 

    • Women related to Rotarians/former Rotarians
    • Women related to Inner Wheel members/former Inner Wheel members.
    • Women who have been invited to join - provided that a majority of the Club members agree.

    Honorary Membership

    Clubs may invite up to 4 persons whom they wish to Honour to become Honorary Members. Such members shall be subject to re-election annually. The period of consecutive membership may be determined by each National Governing Body. Honorary members have no vote and cannot hold any office in a Club.

    The International Inner Wheel Governing Body and National Governing Bodies may also invite a distinguished person whom they wish to honour, to become an Honorary member.