Kingswear Community Primary School

  • Contact: Mr Mark Oakshott
  • Address:
    Lower Contour Road
  • Telephone: 01803 752356
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    Kingswear Community Primary School

    Kingswear is a small friendly school with 70+ pupils and where all the teachers know all the children.

    We welcome children of all abilities and take children from 3 years upwards with a Foundation Stage Unit. We now have an Outside Learning Area - see Gallery, left, for a photograph. We have joined three other local primary schools, Blackawton, East Allington and Stoke Fleming, in the Our School Federation.

    This will increase the opportunities available for our children, both in the academic and sports areas, by providing access to the wider activities and facilities available to larger schools while still maintaining all the advantages that being a small school can offer.

    Sarah Wollaston, our MP, was recently at the school and asked a small boy who was his best friend at the school. He replied "everybody". We consistantly exceed all Government targets for Standard Assessment Tests - both Key Stages 1 and 2. At the end of Year 6 children can choose between secondary school or take the Eleven Plus for grammar school.