Old Dartmothians Association (ladies)

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    Dartmouth, Devon
    United States
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    Old Dartmothians Association (ladies)

    In 1965 a group of Dartmouth ladies asked if they could become members of the Old Dartmothians’ Association, but were told that the association was for men only. Obviously these ladies were very disappointed, but Mr Arthur Sackett of the Association suggested that perhaps they would like to form a Ladies' Section.

    The ladies considered this and with the help of a sub-committee from the Men\'s Association, they decided that if they could get enough ladies interested they would call a meeting to discuss rules and regulations etc.The first meeting was held at the Constitutional Club in Victoria Road, now the Conservative Club, on the 25th February 1965.Twenty two ladies attended this first meeting and it was unanimously agreed that a Ladies Association be formed. Mrs Iris Webb was elected our first President and Mrs Gladys Jewell our first Chairman.

    The object of our Association is the renewal of old friendships and acquaintances of Dartmothians who would be likely to visit the town at the annual regattas and also to keep Old Dartmothians’ in touch with each other.

    RULES FOR MEMBERSHIP(1). Any female person born in Dartmouth and District or of parents born in Dartmouth, resident or non-resident, may join at the age of 18 years.(2). Any female who has resided for a period of 10 consecutive years in Dartmouth may join as a Dartmothian by adoption.