Gallery:Paul Beckwith Bennett

This Gallery is uploaded courtesy of Paul Beck Bennett, of Kingswear. Aside from photography Paul also saves people and businesses money on their gas, electricity, telephone, broadband, and Mobile phones. They can get an extra 5% off their bills with a cash back card!

To find out more about this, please visit Financial Ambitions , Pauls profile page.



  1. Penny Johns 08:45am, 05/30/2013

    Dear Paul


    We are looking to source some images for our new website which is currently under development.  We are working on the new navigation at the moment and we will want around 5 images to be used on each section (7 or 8 sections), these will scroll.  They will need to be landscape and quite wide.

    Sections include:-
    • Home
    • Visitors
    • Berth Holders
    • Commercial
    • Port Information
    • Port Notices
    • About Us
    • Young Champions

    Other images could include (some we can probably do some ourselves)
    • Mooring Locations (visitors and berth holders)
    • Visiting Ships
    • Visiting Luxury Yachts
    • Yacht Taxis
    • Wildlife on the River (dolphin, seals, birds etc)
    • Slipways and landing areas (Totnes to Dartmouth)
    • Dart Harbour Fleet
    • Dart Harbour Maintenance
    • Premises – Hoodown/Harbour Office
    • River activities eg Fuel Barge, Waste Pontoon, Ferries, Events taking place, Rallies,
    • Possibly Weather (all different types!)
    • Seasons on the River
    • Regatta

    Sailing Directions

    We need to take new photos of our sailing directions from Sea to Totnes.  We would be interested to know how much you would charge to commission you to take photos for us.  We would want the copyright of these photos to belong to us.  It would be a day of your time to come out on the river to take photos.  We would need to set off in the morning aiming to get to Totnes for lunch time.  Dartmouth side in the morning and Kingswear side in the afternoon to make the most of sun position. Dates when the tides are right are:-

    17/06/13 – preferred day at the moment (weather permitted)

    Credit or Dart Harbour Copyright

    We could also have a discussion about costs, copyright and/or crediting you for your photos.  Ideally, it would be good to commission the photos so we can use them when we like.  It would not be feasible to show a credit on all photos on the website as this would detract from the visitor’s experience to the site.  We could possibly have a credit item on the site where we could mention you (no doubt our website design people will want a credit on the site).

    We may also want to use these photos in our printed Harbour Guide next year, so we will need low and high resolution versions for web and print.


    Can you please also give some thoughts to costs, so we can budget for the work.

    I hope you will be interested in this project and I look forward to hearing from you.



  2. Paul 10:43am, 06/15/2015

    I just got your request
    Are you still looking ?
    Tel 07976284266

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